Dryer Repair

Damaged Dryer Repair in Woodland, CA

Also Proud to Serve Davis, Dixon, Winters, Esparto, El Macero, and Vacaville

Love the warmth of clothes after they get out of the dryer? If so, then a damaged dryer can be a major disappointment and inconvenience, especially if you have a busy life. And unless you want to hang your clothes on a clothesline or go to a Laundromat, you need a dryer. So turn to Dave’s Appliance for experienced dryer repair in Woodland, CA, as well as nearby communities like Winters and Dixon.

We Fix All Dryer Problems

Does your dryer not dry your clothes? Perhaps it doesn’t produce heat or run at all. No matter your concern, rely on Dave’s Appliance to fix it.

We’ll look over the entire dryer and determine what parts, components, or systems don’t seem to work correctly. For example, a dryer that leaves you with wet clothes often has a bad or damaged heating element due to lots of lint or bad ventilation. A dryer that doesn’t want to run might have a bad thermal fuse.

No matter the issue, we’ll always ensure that our repairs work by looking over and running the dryer once we’re done. That way, you can have peace of mind that your dryer will be functional.

We Work Hard for Your Satisfaction

We know the frustration that a damaged dryer can bring, so rely on us for quick, accurate, and successful service. With our years of experience, familiarity with major dryer brands, and parts availability, we can provide the solutions you need for effective damaged dryer repair.

Besides this, we’re also available Monday through Friday, including on most evenings. And to accommodate your needs, we accept cash, checks, credit cards, and Apple Pay.

We Want to Repair Your Dryer

Don’t let a broken dryer ruin your schedule. Instead, call us at 530 662 2911 to go over your dryer repair needs. We look forward to helping you!