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We Repair All Types of Refrigerator in Davis CA

Getting a new refrigerator is a big investment. It is best to have the existing one repaired when it shows the signs of aging. Daves Appliances is a trusted name in the vicinity of Davis CA for refrigerator ice maker repair. We have a team of highly skilled and trained technicians with years of experience under their belts. Using modern engineering practices and gadgetry, we are able to provide affordable refrigerator repair services to our clients.

Our aim is to remain at the top of our game by providing complete assistance during the process in order to secure their maximum satisfaction. We repair all types of refrigerators in Davis CA and get positive feedback from our clients in the form of online reviews, comments, and ratings. You can verify our claims of excellence by going through one of our online profiles. For a quick quote, give us a call now!

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Signs That You Need Ice Machine Repair Services

Ice maker is what completes your drink in summer. There is no other way to beat the heat from sun. If you find unusual noises or think your ice maker is performing sub par, these are the signs that you need ice machine repair. Daves Appliance is the best ice maker repair service in the area of Davis CA. It is because we employ qualified technicians, use latest equipment, and ensure quality all around the process and beyond. The trust of our clients in our services is what makes us stand out from the rest. You will find us affordable and more reliable than any other service-provider in the area. For a lucrative cost estimate, feel free to contact us right now to get started!


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During the scorching months of summer, refrigerators often break down and cause a lot of problems in terms of keeping things cool and safe. The problems persist when you have a broken refrigerator on your hands during holidays or after hours. Daves Appliance does not leave its clients along in times of crisis. We have a dedicated team of technicians with all the necessary tools to drop by your location for emergency home refrigerator repair. Our techs have the best response time so you will always find them around the corner for you. Even during holidays and emergency services, we demand affordable pricing and offer exceptional work every single time. So, get your refrigerator repair by the leading appliance repair company in Davis CA!

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