Washer Repair

Damaged Washer Repair in Woodland, CA

Also Serving Davis, Dixon, El Macero, Esparto, Vacaville, and Winters

A washer is an invaluable appliance that keeps your clothes fresh and clean. But when it decides to stop working, you might have to deal with dirty clothes or hefty Laundromat costs. Don’t live with a damaged washer. Instead, turn to Dave’s Appliance for washer repair in DavisDixon, El Macero, Esparto, VacavilleWinters, and Woodland, CA.

What Can Go Wrong With Your Washer?

A washer is a complex machine, so a lot of different issues can come up. Some of these might include:


  • Too little water: If your clothes don’t have enough water to wash in, this could stem from your water supply, inlet valves, pressure switches, electronic control board, or door lock assembly.
  • Too much water: Don’t flood your laundry room. Instead, let our professionals check your inlet valves, pressure switches, or electronic control board. We’ll find and fix the problem.
  • No spinning: If your washer simply refuses to spin, you might have an issue with your door, motor belt, or transmission. As spinning is important to the wash cycle, let us help.
  • No operation: Have a washer that doesn’t turn on? It might have a bad outlet or electronic control board, or it might have simply gotten too old.


No matter what’s wrong with your washer, rely on us to provide quality service.

How Can We Help?

A malfunctioning washer can be a large inconvenience. That’s why you can rely on our factory-authorized training, decades of experience, and friendly staff to get your washer back to where it needs to be. And no matter what brand you have, don’t worry. We are familiar with many brands, including Samsung, Kenmore, Maytag, and Whirlpool.

Plus, you can enjoy our reasonable rates, as we charge per job. We even accept Apple Pay!

Call us today at 530-662-2911. We are available Monday through Friday and can even schedule an evening appointment for damaged washer repair.